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Become the best source of engaging live entertainment for your fans. Host fully branded and highly rewarding shows at predefined times to reach your audience regularly.

The Master of Points -Quiz is a leaderboard based quiz show in which players are rewarded points based on the quickness of their correct answer.

The answers are given in the comment section and this data automatically collects into a real-time leaderboard so players can monitor their success while competing to the top of the list.

The length of the show is determined by the amount of questions and the content and layout are highly customizable to your preference.

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SuperMashApp is a SaaS platform that provides engaging live entertainment formats for brands and medias to engage, entertain and reward their audience.

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Most recent SuperMashApp powered live shows

Supermashapp shared Bundesliga's live video.1 day ago
This stylish Live Quiz was aired in collaboration with Bundesligafans on their facebook page with over 2,6 million followers. The 15 minute show aired just before the start of a Champions League match and received 2500 comments and reactions plus a lot of love from the fans! 😍
🚨 Fußball-Experten gesucht 🚨 Sammele beim Bundesligafans Live Quiz die meisten Punkte und gewinne einen von drei DeinTeam Preisen.
Supermashapp shared BILD Sport's live video.1 day ago
This amazing Champions League related live quiz with Bild Sport got over 10 000 comments (55 min show) and in the end had over 1450 unique players on the leadeboard. That was a serious stream of comments for our backend to handle... πŸ˜…
...but we PREVAILED (of course)!!! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
BILD Sport
JETZT MITMACHEN! BEIM LIVE-FUSSBALL-QUIZ ZUR CHAMPIONS LEAGUE und einen von drei Gutscheinen fΓΌr den BILD-Shop gewinnen!!
Supermashapp shared Dschungelshow's live video.1 day ago
This Live Quiz show was created together with Bild in January 2017 relating to the primetime reality TV show "Dschungelshow".
The Live Quiz was aired just before the start of the TV show to give fans extra entertainment around the show they loved by testing their knowledge and rewarding the best players! 🎁🎁🎁
Jetzt mitmachen und gewinnen! Das Große Dschungelquiz