Legal for The Viewer

This document explains the contract between Streamer using SuperMashApp Streamlabs OBS App Store app, and a Viewer participating the interaction of the app.

Why the need to collect and process certain personal data

SuperMashApp values viewer privacy and only process strictly necessary personal data from viewer Twitch profile that is required for the apps to function correctly. This requires the collection and processing of certain personal data from the participants.

Personal Data Collected And Processed

  • The Twitch user name of the data subject
  • The Twitch profile image of the data subject
  • The comment(s) in the live stream, posted by the data subject

Permission to Collect Personal Data

Participation is voluntary and happens by commenting on the live stream on Twitch. By commenting on the live stream you give the Streamer the permission to collect and process the required personal data. This permission is valid only for the duration of the live stream.

How Personal Data Is Collected And Processed

All live stream comments are fetched using the API provided by Streamlabs. The comments are processed according to the format logic of the app. The comments are not stored. All personal data collection and processing happens within the Streamer’s Streamlabs OBS software.

How Personal Data Is Utilized

The data subject’s personal data is processed exclusively for the correct execution of the app. Taking part in the game is an agreement between the administrator of the video, ie. the streamer, and the data subject, ie. the participant, of the game. The processing activities are:

  • Dealing out points for correct answers
  • Creating and displaying of the leaderboard in the video, with data subject’s name
  • Showing the data subject’s Twitch profile image in the video
  • Distribution of prizes to the winning data subjects
  • Contacting the winners for prize delivery
  • Implementation of the automated profile image raffle
  • Featuring a data subject’s comment on the video, along with the data subject’s Twitch name and profile image

Nature of Collected Personal Data, Storage Location And Duration

  • Participant information is stored in the Streamer’s computer memory for the duration of the game

Who Will Access Personal Data And Why

  • The streamer will request the names and necessary identification data of the winners to allow delivery of the prizes

Automatic Decisions Made In The Game

  • In game logics that require the automatic selection of the winner, the information of the data subjects will be processed automatically. An automatic decision is necessary for the agreement where random distribution of the prizes is part of the gameplay
  • The logic behind the automatic decision is the speed of the correct answer (point-based gameplay) or fortune (raffle-based gameplay)
  • The participants can express their opinion on the automatic selection of winners and the scoring of the game and oppose the decisions by contacting Streamer

How Data Subject Can Access, Correct And Delete Collected Personal Data

  • All the data that is collected and stored only for the duration that the app is used during the live stream. After the app closed or restarted all the data from previous shows is gone.
  • For implementation of their rights, the data subject can contact Streamer
  • The data subject has the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory authorities in any case where they suspect deficiency in the processing of their information